Tundra Swans in flight

Tundra Swans.

The latest video cameras are shooting 4K video.  The results allow amateurs, like me, to end up with fantastic video quality that matches what the experts were doing 20 years ago.  But just as vinyl records have made a comeback, old video formats can still be used effectively.

Steven Siegel of Raven on the Mountain has always taken a creative approach to the video he produces. He has developed several tricks that produce interesting and beautiful presentations that can effectively use older video formats.

American Dipper

American Dipper

American Impressionism‎
Using painting techniques with video editing software Steve has created a five-minute video of birds that resembles a moving impressionistic painting. The screen shots are from the video. View them as you would a painting.  The old impressionist masters would be impressed.


Visit Monet Goes Birding on Vimeo to view the presentation. The video looks best on larger screens.

Western Grebes

Western Grebes


One Comment to “Painting with video. A later-day Monet?”

  1. Grant says:

    Cool video. It reminds me of some experimentation I was doing a few years back using the artistic filters in GIMP, a free image editing program:

    I can understand why some people might not like the idea but I think that some of the results that you can get with these kinds of filters are an art unto themselves.

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