The last time the American Ornithologists Union met in Chicago was at the Field Museum back in October 1982. I remember three things about that experience. First, in order to attend,  I had to abandon my hawk watch just as the first northern goshawks started moving through in what would be the greatest incursion of […]

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Sam Crowe on August 27th, 2013

Deep lakes nestled between mountain peaks and whose banks are studded with towering pines are intrinsically appealing. This is especially true when you inhabit a state likeIllinois whose highest point is a corn field 1,235 feet high.Lake Tahoe, the country’s second deepest lake and sixth largest by volume, has a surface elevation of  6,224 feet. It […]

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Sam Crowe on August 23rd, 2013

      Since we flew into the Reno/Tahoe Airport, I will start out with this geography question: What is the largest city in the US east of Reno and west of Chicago? (answer at end) Cindy has long wanted us to visit her brother Tom Riley and his family in South Lake Tahoe. I […]

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