Sam Crowe on May 30th, 2011

  It had been a couple of years since I have visited the two fens of Elgin and even longer since I have made the pilgrimage in spring. My friend Sara Russell lives in that general vicinity so it was a great opportunity for a joint field outing in her neck of the woods. (For […]

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  Organizing spring and Christmas bird counts in Lake County, IL requires getting permission from an array of organizations.  Great Lakes Naval Training Center is always our most challenging location, ease of access varying as security fears ebb and flow. Last year, we learned that visits on weekends were impossible. This year, though, we thought […]

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We spent the night in Traverse City for our appointment the next morning with Mary Cummings. Mary hosted us in their recently renovated museum and we learned that a board member had approached a gentleman in town asking if he would like to contribute to the museum. He replied only if they had a passenger […]

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  At the Chicago Project Passenger Pigeon (P3)  meeting I suggested to Pam Rasmussen of the Michigan State University Museum that we ought to hold a similar meeting at her shop to help organize Michigan. Michigan is one of the most important states in ppigeon history, being that it hosted many of the last large […]

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It was late Saturday afternoon on April 9 and I had already made arrangements with Tim Wallace to meet him early the next morning to cover Wadsworth. Then the phone rang. Andy Sigler was at the other end telling me that he was watching a mountain bluebird, a species that has certainly occurred in Illinois […]

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Sam Crowe on May 18th, 2011

The long blog hiatus is over. The lack of posts has not been due to any paucity of material but because so much has been going on. And most of it is related to Project Passenger Pigeon. P3 is an effort involving institutions and individuals from around ppigeon range and beyond to both expose the […]

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