Distribution of the Canyon Towhee



Breeding Bird Census

canyon towhee range map summer

Range of the Canyon Towhee during breeding season, based on Breeding Bird Survey data.

Map from the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Gough, G.A., Sauer, J.R., Iliff, M. Patuxent Bird Identification Infocenter. 1998. Version 97.1. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD.

Additional Web Resources


The Avian Knowledge Network collects data from thousands of locations and multiple data sets.

The Birds of North America web site has excellent distribution information, annual membership required.

Visit the eBird web site to report sightings of the American Goldfinch and to view current and some historical information on a state-by-state basis. Information based on reports from birders in the field.