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Description of the Anna's Hummingbird


The Anna’s is a mostly green hummingbird.  Length 4 in.  Wingspan: 6 in.

  • Red throat and crown.
  • Upperparts greenish in color.
  • Dusky white below with greenish wash.
  • White over and behind the eye.
  • The bill is relatively short and straight.


anna's hummingbird


Females have a green head and white throat, sometimes with red patch.

Female hummingbirds are generally hard to tell apart.

anna's hummingbird

Seasonal change in appearance



Lacks red on throat.


Open woods and gardens, coastal scrub, chaparral.


Nectar from flowers. Young are fed small insects as well.


Forages near constantly to maintain high metabolism. Courtship display includes aerobatic dives and back-and-forth flights in front of female.


Primarily the West Coast of the U.S. and some distance inland, including southern Arizona. Anna’s Hummingbirds have adapted well to ornamental plantings in residential gardens.

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Wing Shape

The shape of a bird's wing is often an indication of its habits and behavior. Fast flying birds have long, pointed wings. Soaring birds have long, broad wings. Different songbirds will have a slightly different wing shape. Some species look so much alike (Empidonax flycatchers) that scientists sometimes use the length of specific feathers to confirm a species' identification.

Wing images from the University of Puget Sound, Slater Museum of Natural History

Fun Facts

One of the few North American hummingbirds that sings frequently during the breeding season.


Song consists of a scratchy series of notes. Chase call is a rapid chatter.


Usually placed on a branch of a tree or shrub; height is widely variable. A small cup of plant fibers and spider silk, camouflaged with lichens on the outside.

Number: 2
Color: white

Incubation and fledging:
- Young hatch at about 15 to 18 days.
- Young fledge at about 3 weeks.