Waterfowl of the United States and Canada App

The Birdzilla.com Waterfowl app covers 66 waterfowl species with over 270 images of ducks, geese, loons, grebes, swans and mergansers.

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waterfowl app
waterfowl app

Additional family groups not usually classified as waterfowl, including:
  • Coots and Gallinules: 3 species
  • Ducks: 36 species, all of the regularly occurring plus a few rarities.
  • Geese: 7 species
  • Grebes: 7 species
  • Loons: 4 species
  • Mergansers: 3 species
  • Pelicans: 2 species
  • Swans: 4 species
Comprehensive profiles for each species are provided, including descriptions of male and females, range, habits, diet and nesting.

Also included in each species profile:

- Range maps
- Calls
- A unique comparison feature allowing the user to easily compare any two images.
- An introduction to the Bent Life History for that species.

Other features in the app:
- An image ID game to help you test and improve your identification skills.
- A game for testing and improving identification of duck calls.
- Links to additional information on the Birdzilla.com web site.
waterfowl app

Iphone, iTouch:
The design of the iphone version of the app is slightly different than for the ipad and has been adapted for field use.

waterfowl app

The image index contains one or two quick notes as a ready reference, along with the ability to play the birds call. When selecting a species, the user is taken directly to images of that species. Text descriptions are on the following page.
waterfowl, birds, ducks, geese, swans, grebes, mergansers, loons, pelicans
Skill level:
This app is appropriate for...
- Beginning to intermediate level birders
- Students
- Families
- Any one interested in ducks, geese, loons, mergansers