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Hummingbird App


Hummingbirds HD App

Hummingbirds HD

This beautiful app covers all the regularly occurring hummingbirds of the United States, plus a few of the rare visitors from Mexico.  Multiple images, descriptions and range maps are provided for each species.

This app is for iPad only.

Other features include:

– Information on attracting hummingbirds

– Creating a hummingbird garden

– Where to see hummingbirds

– Fun facts and most asked questions

– Ability to purchase quality hummingbird feeders

– Slide show of over 200 images of hummingbirds from Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Available from the Apple app store for $2.99.






Tufted Coquette

About the Author

Sam Crowe

Sam is the founder of He has been birding for over 30 years and has a world list of over 2000 species. He has served as treasurer of the Texas Ornithological Society, Sanctuary Chair of Dallas Audubon, Editor of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All About Birds" web site and as a contributing editor for Birding Business magazine. Many of his photographs and videos can be found on the site.

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