Nifty Fifty Bird Guides

The Nifty Fifty Bird Guide series includes guides for a growing number states plus guides that are specific to bird familes, such as hummingbirds.   The guides are in a magazine format and feature large, colorful images.  Here are the currently available guides

Birding Apps From For the iPhone, iTouch and iPad

Bird Identification Apps by bird family

Birding apps from Birdzilla have been designed to allow the user to focus on a particular family of birds or a particular topic of interest.You'll find images, descriptions, songs, range maps and games. Follow the provided links for detailed information on each app or to purchase the app in the Apple app store.

Our newest app - An introduction to Texas Birds  - It's Free!

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texas birds


Kevin Karlson co-authors the Shorebird app!
We are very pleased that Kevin Karlson, nationally known shorebird expert, worked with us on the development of the shorebird bird identification app. Kevin provided detailed descriptions of over 200 shorebird images. If you are interested in improving your shorebird identification skills, this is the app for you!

For many, Raptors are the most exciting group of birds. This app covers all the regularly occurring raptors of the U.S. and Canada, including the Owls!



Visit the Raptor app page for details.

Available from the Apple app store for $3.99

Shorebirds are one of the more challenging groups of birds. This app features over 200 images of 50 shorebird species. Each image includes comments by Kevin Karlson.


Visit the Shorebird app page for details.

Available from the Apple app store for $5.99

Warblers are widely known as the butterlies of the bird world. Over 50 species of wood warblers of the United States and Canada are featured in this beautiful bird idenditication app for both the iPhone and the iPad.


Visit the Warbler app page for details.

Available from the Apple app store for $3.99

Ducks and geese are the most observed group of birds in the U.S. This birding app covers all the regularly occuring ducks, geese, grebes, mergansers and loons of the U.S. and Canada.



Visit the Waterfowl app page for details.

Available from the Apple app store for $3.99

Hummingbirds HD

Hummingbirds are one of the most engaging of all the birds. These colorful birds are popular in yards across the country. Enjoy the beautiful images of all the regularly-occuring hummingbirds found in the United States, plus over 200 images of species from Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.


Visit the Hummingbird app page for the dtails.

Available from the Apple app store for only $2.99.


Special Interest Apps

These apps focus on topics such as feeding birds or just enjoying their beauty.

Backyard Bird Watching

This app can be used as a primary resource for those interested in watching and feeding birds.

It includes complete profiles on 50 common backyard bird species. Photographs, range maps, songs and descriptions are provided for each species. Users can search for Eastern or Western birds.

backyard birds

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Available in the Apple app store for only $4.99.


America's 50 Most Beautiful Birds - the app

Yes, we picked 50 of America's most beautiful birds and showcased them in a beautiful app for both the iPhone and the iPad.

beautiful birds

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Available in the app store for $2.99.