Birds with Long Legs

Egrets and Herons – Family Ardeidae

great blue heron
The Great Blue Heron is the largest heron in the United States.



little blue heron
The Little Blue Heron can be confused with the Reddish Egret.


tri-colored heron
The Tricolored Heron Is primarily a coastal species, from Texas to Maryland. Found throughout Florida.


Ibises and Spoonbills – Family Threskiornithidae

glossy ibis
The Glossy Ibis is primarily a bird of the coast, from Texas to Florida, north to Maine. Range overlaps with very similar White-faced Ibis in parts of Texas.


white ibis
The White Ibis is a can't miss species, common along the Gulf Coast and Florida. Juvenile birds are brown on the back and head.


roseatte spoongbill
The Roseate Spoonbill has an orange tail. Note the flat, rounded tip to the bill. Common along the Texas, Louisiana and Florida coasts. Sometimes confused with a flamingo by inexperienced bird watchers.


Stilts and Avocets - Family Recurvirostridae

american avocet
The American Avocet nests inland in the western half of the United States. Winter plumage on the right.


black-necked stilt
The Black-necked Stilt is an easy species to identify. The brownish back indicates this is probably a female.


Sandpipers – Family Scolopacidae

greater and lesser yellowlegs
Two common long-legged shorebirds are the Greater Yellowlegs (left) and Lesser Yellowlegs.


long-billed curlew
The Long-billed Curlew is well-named, and long-legged. Compare with the Whimbrel.