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SPID Key – Clear Breast

Clear Breast Sparrows

Clear breast – may have central spot or dark under chi but little to no streaking

Wing bar – Yes

  • Field Sparrow
  • Golden-Crowned
  • White-Crowned
  • Chipping
  • White-Throated
  • American Tree


Wing bars may be faint in summer, winter birds have stronger wing bar and white eye-ring.


Eye ring – yes, including partial

Field Sparrow – pink bill, pale rufous and gray head, bushy, weedy, low shrubs, fence lines


Faint or none

Clay-Colored Sparrow– stripped crown, eye line, light gray eyebrow, verticle throat stripe, wing bar in spring – open bushy areas and fields

Golden-Crowned Sparrow – golden yellow on the front of the crown, wide black eyebrow line – dense undergrowth of parks and woodlands

White-Crowned Sparrow – white crown, strong black and white head pattern – thickets, edges of woody areas, weedy areas, and backyards

Chipping Sparrow – red crown, white eyebrow, and black eyeline, non-breeding plumage has brownish, streaked crown and cream-colored eyebrow. Woodland and thicket edges, sometimes open grassy areas/backyards

White-Throated Sparrow – yellow lores, cream to white eyebrow, white throat. Bushy areas, undergrowth in parks and backyards.

American Tree Sparrow – central spot, red crown, gray eyebrow,  and reddish eyeline. Winters in weedy fields, seen along fence lines with small trees.


Wingbar – Faint or none

  • Rufous-Crowned
  • Black-Throated
  • Grasshopper
  • Brewer’s
  • Cassin’s
  • Swamp
  • Black-Chinned
  • Clay-Colored
  • Bachman’s
  • Lark


Eye ring – yes, including partial

Rufous-Crowned Sparrow – rufous crow, pale malar with parallel black stripe. Rocky hillsides, brush/grass.

Black-Throated Sparrow – black throat, bold black and white face pattern. Desert/open ground.

Grasshopper Sparrow – buffy wash on chest, pale eye ring, orange spot in front of the eye. Secretive, thick grass.

Brewer’s Sparrow – small bill, long tail, grayish neck, non-descript. Open bushy areas, sagebrush.

Cassin’s Sparrow – non-descript, clear breast, may have pale streaks on sides, spotted back. Dense grass, bushy areas.


Eye ring – faint or none

Swamp Sparrow – rufous wings, black eyeline broader at the back of the head, gray above and below eye, reddish brown crown/blurry chest streaks non-breeding. Often near water, weedy, grassy, and bushy areas.

Black-Chinned Sparrow – gray with brown wings, black around face in breeding plumaged male, pink bill. Dry bushy areas, chaparral and scrub oak.

Clay-Colored Sparrow – brown ear patches with dark outline, white central crown stripe, dark mustache stripe, wingbar in spring. Open bushy areas and fields.

Bachman’s Sparrow – gray eyebrow, reddish-brownish eyeliner, streaked back, buffy wash on breast of many birds. Piney woods in open grassy areas and palmetto stands, secretive.

Lark Sparrow – distinctive red, white and black face batter, central chest spot, fan-like tail with white tipped feathers. Short grassy areas, yards, open woodlands.


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