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Birdzilla Center for Bird Identification - Waterfowl

According to studies by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, waterfowl are the most popular group of birds in the United States. In addition to those who enjoy hunting ducks and geese, manny species a large, colorful and loud. The sound of migrating geese on a cold night is an awe-inspiring sound to many.

There is some debate about exactly which species should be included in the waterfowl designation. We are following the criteria set in our Waterfowl app and eBook, which includes several species that are duck-like but not ducks.

66 species are included in the following bird families. Click on the name of the family to begin your study.

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Coot, Gallinule and Moorhen

Spectacled Eider in flightMale Spectacled Eider -  Photograph © Alan Wilson