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John O’Neill Bird Art

john o'neill

To describe a new species of animal stands as one of the major accomplishments of any biologist’s life. To describe thirteen new species of birds, as John P. O’Neill has done, is enough to set him apart, but that is only one part of this man’s work.

As an artist, John P. O’Neill successfully communicates the beauty of both common and uncommon birds to all who view his paintings. Massachusetts Audubon Society previously named him Artist of the Year. John’s work has also appeared in Audubon Magazine, National and International Wildlife, Encyclopedia Britannica, the National Geographic Society Field Guide to the Birds of North America, A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago, the Audubon Society Master Guide to Birding and numerous other books, publications and exhibits including the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson“Birds in Art” exhibit.

Aside from some original work that is available, John does have several different prints for sale. He may be reached via his e-mail address at [email protected].


Sample Portfolio

All images are copyright the artist and can be copied, duplicated or used in anyway without written permission.

john o'neill

Curve-billed thrasher with Texas prickly pear cactus

john O'neill

Turquoise-browed motmot in Costa Rican dry forest

John O'neill

Scaled Quail

About the Author

Sam Crowe

Sam is the founder of He has been birding for over 30 years and has a world list of over 2000 species. He has served as treasurer of the Texas Ornithological Society, Sanctuary Chair of Dallas Audubon, Editor of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All About Birds" web site and as a contributing editor for Birding Business magazine. Many of his photographs and videos can be found on the site.

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