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Introducing Mark and Becci Crowe in this video from Africa.  Select from the links on the left to enjoy images from some of their other adventures.

Rwanda and the Serengetti

Join Birdzilla staff artist Becci Crowe and cinematographer Dr. Mark Crowe on one of their many visits to Africa. You’ll enjoy their explorations in search of the rare mountain gorilla in Rwanda and the large mammals of the Serengeti.


Video Notes:
1. The Lizard Scene – Word got out that the lady artist wanted to see a chameleon. Upon returning from a trip into the bush, Becci was startled to see that every kid in town had a chameleon to show. Luckily the children understood the chameleons were not to be harmed and after a few photos they were released back into the wild.2. Hands on head – In the Masai culture it is custom for children to present their slightly bowed heads to elders entering the boma or living area. The adult acknowledges the child by placing his or her hand on the child’s head.3. Bottle washing – The Masai woman moving a stick in and out of a gourd is actually washing it. One end of the stick is chewed until it is splintered into a rough brush and is used to clean dried milk from inside the gourd. The women of the tribe milk cows directly into the gourd and the milk is stored there until ready for use.

Becci CroweBecci Crowe:
We are pleased to have an artist of Becci’s talents on the staff. Although perhaps best known for her African art Becci has painted many birds, focusing especially on the birds of the Pacific Northwest.


A DVD of the above video, with more examples of Becci’s work (and many beautiful photographs of Africa), can be obtained by visiting her Web site.

Becci was also featured in the television documentary As Close As You Dare – Africa which was broadcast onPBS stations across the US. It was filmed in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and the DVD can be ordered here

Becci’s affiliation with the Africa Adventure Company caught the attention of National Geographic Adventure Magazine and lead to an interview about her experience with the rare Mountain Gorilla of Rwanda for the magazine’s November 2003 issue.

Becci is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation and was also a speaker at TEDx Tacoma, speaking on “The art of living an Unimaginable Life.”

Dr. Mark Crowe:
What can we say about Dr. Crowe? Retired army colonel. Physician. Photographer and videographer for These indications of responsible behavior are countered by the pictures below, showing our adventurer bungi jumping over Victoria Falls in Africa.

      Victoria Falls       

         Mark Crowe bungi jumping


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