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Pick Six : Fall and Spring Birding Festivals

After a long, hot summer its time to get back in the field.  One of the best way to see more birds is to attend one of the birding festivals.  You'll have an opportunity to rub shoulders with the top birders, see new places and meet new friends.  All skill levels are welcome.  Here are six of the most popular. Actually we through in a bonus event at the very end.

Rio Grande Birding Festival - Usually early November
Harlingen, Texas (far south Texas)
The best place in the country for easy-to-see tropical species like the Green Jay, Altamira Oriole and Kiskadee.

green jay
Green Jay.  Photograph © Greg Lavaty.

Space Coast Birding Festival - Usually mid to late January
Titusville, Florida
The east coast of Florida. Overwintering warblers, Painted Buntings and the Florida Scrub Jay.

wood stork in flight
Wood Stork. Photograph © Greg Lavaty.

Winter Wings Festival   Usually mid-February
Klamath Falls, Oregon

San Diego Birding Festival - Usually early March
Excellent birding and the southern California scenery are hard to beat.
Anna's Hummingbird. Photograph © Tom Grey

Wings over the Hills Nature Festival   Late April to early May
Visit the beautiful Texas HIll Country for great birding, beautiful wildflowers and great food in Fredericksburg, Texas.  (central Texas)

golden-cheedked warbler
Golden-cheeked Warbler. Photograph © Greg Lavaty.

Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival  Early may
Hoquiam, Washington


Biggest Week in American Birding  Early to mid-May.
Warblers!  Nuff said.

blackburnian warbler male
Blackburnian Warbler. © Greg Lavaty.