Pick 6 - New Year's Birding Resolutions for 2015

1.  Learn 6 new warbler songs


2.  Visit 6 new birding locations

elegant trogon
A trip to Southeastern Arizona can help fulfill resolutions 2 and 3.
Photograph of Elegant Trogon © Greg Lavaty.

3.  Add 6 new U.S. Life Birds.

4. Improve skill at identifying these 6 birds.
 - Greater and Lesser Scaup
 - Long-billed and Short-billed Dowitchers
 - Immature Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks


Which is the Long-billed and which is the Short-billed Dowitcher, or are they both the same species?

Photographs © Greg Lavaty.

short-billed dowitcher


long-billed dowitcher



5.  Buy a new birdmobile.

bird mobile
Not this kind, thinking more like a 4-wheel drive SUV.


6.  Participate in a Big Sit.

Big year
These guys were not sitting, but if you are interested in birding, The Big Year was a somewhat interesting movie.

A movie current making the rounds is Pelican Dreams,  dealing with Brown Pelicans in California.