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Are blue birds not really blue

I think we would all agree that the following six birds are very pretty. What if I said they were not largely blue? Would you agree to that? Read the short text under the last image, then decide for yourself.

1. Blue Grosbeak, male

blue grosbeak


2. Blue Jay
blue jay

3. Eastern Bluebird
eastern bluebird

4. Indigo Bunting, male
indigo bunting


5. Lazuli Bunting
lazuli bunting


6. Mountain Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird male


Most of the colors in a bird's feathers are the result of various pigments. Colors such as orange, yellow and even black are pigment-based.

Blue colors have a different story. There are no blue pigments in bird feathers. The blue in the feathers of the above birds is created by the structure of the feathers. The structure refracts incoming light, creating the appearance of a blue color.

To prove this, scientists placed blue feathers and a solvent in a blender. The action from the blender destroyed the structure of the feathers - and the color blue in the process.

So, the color blue in birds is really just a pigment of your imagination.