Utah Birding Resources

Utah is a birder’s paradise, offering a spectacular array of habitats ranging from sub-alpine mountain, forest, sage-steppe, upland, lake, wetland and high elevation desert, all reachable within a single day. More than 430 species of birdlife have been recorded in Utah, including specialty birds like the California Condor and Black Rosy-Finch. With unequalled habitat and viewing vistas, Utah is truly “for the birds” and those who love them!


The Nifty Fifty

The Nifty Fifty is a mini-guide to the birds of Utah. It includes descriptions, images, video and songs of 50 of the most often observed birds of Utah. View the guide by clicking here or on the Nifty Fifty link on the left.

You will need the free Flash player to view the guide.

Some birds prefer to stay near the ground, while others are almost always seen high in a tree. Look for the following notations in the species descriptions to determine where the species is most likely to be seen. If a note is not present, the bird does not have a strong affinity for a particular region.

  • Look high.
  • Look mid-story.
  • Look low.

State Information

Utah Ornithological Society

Checklist of the Birds of Utah



Recent Bird Sightings


(801) 538-4730 Statewide


Birding Locations

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge


California Gull

Utah State Bird - California Gull


Utah Birding Events

St. George Winter Bird Festival

Annually in January
Tonaquint Park & Nature Center, St. George, Utah

Phone: 435-627-4560

An opportunity to explore and learn about the natural areas of Southwest Utah and our many birding Hot Spots! The Festival is designed for the beginning and the experienced birder. Enjoy the many field trips, presentations and workshops at the Bird Festival centered in Tonaquint Park. Workshops, presentations, bird walks, and banquet.

Great Salt Lake Birding Festival

Annually in May
Farmington, Utah

Phone: 801-451-3286

Come to the Annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival and see birds on and around the world famous Great Salt Lake. The Festival features bus/van trips with guides, workshops, speakers, Dutch oven dinner, artists, booths, kayaks, food, and youth activities. Held at Davis County FairPark, located approximately 15 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Other resources and locations

If you have suggestions for additional birding resources in Utah, from web sites to your favorite birding location, submit your information using the following form. You can cut and paste large amounts if text into the information field. Birding locations are the most desired, but any good resource on Utah birds is welcomed.

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