Nevada Birding Resources

With varied terrain including everything from deserts to lakes and mountains to valleys, Nevada is home to hundreds of species of birds. Throughout Nevada you will find habitats, preserves and refuges dedicated to wildlife conservation and viewing.


The Nifty Fifty

The Nifty Fifty is a mini-guide to the birds of Nevada. It includes descriptions, images, video and songs of 50 of the most often observed birds of Nevada. View the guide by clicking here or on the Nifty Fifty link on the left.

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Some birds prefer to stay near the ground, while others are almost always seen high in a tree. Look for the following notations in the species descriptions to determine where the species is most likely to be seen. If a note is not present, the bird does not have a strong affinity for a particular region.

  • Look high.
  • Look mid-story.
  • Look low.

State Information

Nevada State Checklist


Birding Locations

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge


Mountain Bluebird

Nevada State Bird - Mountain Bluebird


Nevada Birding Events

Spring Wings Bird Festival
Usuallly in 
Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge
, Fallon, Nevada
Phone: 775-428-6452
Spring Wings is a celebration of the migration through Northern Nevada's Lahontan Valley. These internationally renowned wetlands offer spectacles of large flocks of shorebirds and waterfowl as they travel the Pacific Flyway. The festival boasts tours; seminars; banquet; and free admission to the Convention Center with nature-related arts and crafts, vendors, and activities for kids of all ages. Come celebrate the migration!


Other resources and locations

If you have suggestions for additional birding resources in Nevada, from web sites to your favorite birding location, submit your information using the following form. You can cut and paste large amounts if text into the information field. Birding locations are the most desired, but any good resource on Nevada birds is welcomed.

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While this species does accept cowbird eggs, its biology still provides a double dose of protection that helps it cope with nest parasitism!

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