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scariest birds




Halloween's Scariest Birds
In honor of the scariest day of the year (other than April 15) we have selected 10 of the world's scariest birds.  They are sure to cause nightmares, so view at your own risk. 


10.  But it is only a little parakeet.

9. This TV star scares me.

8.  Most popular angry bird, and sure to be a popular Halloween costume.

angry birds

7. The terror bird, aka Gastornis, grew to nearly 7 feet tall. It lived between 55 to 40 million years ago in Europe and possessed a huge, sharp beak.

terror bird

6. I don't know what has this guy upset, but I would not cross him.

5. Think about going to the dentist without a pain killer, open wide!

4. If you see this guy eying you, better make a trip to the emergency room.

3. I'll never go into the water again!

shark bird


2. This guy stands over 4 ft. tall and loves to trick-or-treat. Knock-knock.

boat-billed heron

No 1.  The night before Halloween, about midnight.  Turn off all the lights and watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie - The Birds - one more time. Here's a preview.


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