Mid April is an odd time of the Chicago area birding calendar. The mass of waterfowl have passed, although a fair number of species are still around in favored locations, but the big waves of passerines are mere expectations. And I think that is part of the problem: we are being teased by yellow-rumped […]

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Sam Crowe on April 17th, 2010

Wednesday Cindy and I left Columbus bright and early for a trip south to Piketon, Ohio to meet Geoffrey Sea. Geoffrey has spent years studying passenger pigeons and the Hopewell Mounds, that occur in several places in Ohio. To familiarize ourselves with the mounds we stopped at Chillicothe to visit the   National Historic Park which […]

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Sam Crowe on April 11th, 2010

In the world of passenger pigeons, Ohio is a special place, being the site of some of the most iconic locations and objects related to the species. Cindy had spring break and was planning on seeing her family in Columbus. I came along on my own personal haj to visit these shrines and talk with […]

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Sam Crowe on April 2nd, 2010

A favorite spring activity of mine is woodcocking. It wasn’t until the early1980s that I discovered woodcock enacted their marvelous nuptial displays just a short walk from where I grew up. Perhaps, the connection was a consequence of reading Aldo Leopold’s “Sky Dance,” his lovely account of the display in Sand County Almanac. (The first […]

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