The temperature decreased significantly over Christmas night but unfortunately the heavens continued to discharge fluids at an annoying rate. The rain that plagued us on the Chicago Lakefront Count turned into the snow that challenged us on the Evanston North Shore Count. The snow lasted all day, varying only in the size of the flakes […]

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Sam Crowe on December 28th, 2009

I hope all of you had an edifying holiday season. Computer problems here at your Blogger’s high tech multi-hundred dollar facility precluded a blog last week, a situation for which I am sorry. Hopefully, though, blogging will now be able to proceed according to schedule. While the Hanukah candles do generally get lit (although spouse, […]

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Sam Crowe on December 12th, 2009

The Illinois Beach State Park hawk watch shuts down Thanksgiving weekend and the same is generally true of the Miller lake watches. The idea is that the bulk of the migration is over by then, and whatever procrastinators remain  don’t warrant the effort. But this fall, there never really was a great flight day on […]

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Sam Crowe on December 4th, 2009

  Usually at least one good bird shows up over the Thanksgiving weekend, due, I suppose, to the large number of birders loose over what is for many a four day holiday. This year a dovekie was found dead in Van Buren County Michigan, the county just north of where the ancient murrelt tarried. Birders […]

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Sam Crowe on December 4th, 2009

 The bird of Thanksgiving this year was sandhill crane. Thousands of birds migrated south over from the Tuesday before to Thanksgiving. Did I learn this by being out in the field? Nope, I heard them as I sat in my little space organizing ppigeon material. While there are certain stimuli I can ignore when engrossed […]

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