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Birds with significant Yellow

Tanagers – Thraupidae

summer tanager

This female Summer Tanager likes to dine on bees and wasps. Compare with female Scarlet Tanager.



western tanager

Female and first-year male Western Tanagers are very similar in appearance.


Wood-Warblers – Parulidae

blue-winged warbler

The Blue Winged Warbler will hybridize with the Golden-winged Warbler.



hooded warbler

The female Hooded Warbler has only a hint of the black hood.


prothonotary warbler

The Prothonotary Warbler has a powerful song for such a small bird ( 5.5 inches long)



wilsons warbler

The female Wilson's Warbler does not have a black cap.



yellow warbler

The Yellow Warbler is often parasitized by the Brown-headed Cowbird. Female Yellow Warblers and Wilson's Warblers are very similar in appearance.


Blackbirds – Family Icteridae

western meadowlark

Western Meadowlarks have a more musical song than their look-alike Eastern Meadowlark cousins.



Finches – Fringilidae

american goldfinch

The American Goldfinch looses its bright yellow color in the fall.



evening grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak populations seem to be falling rapidly.


Amaze your friends

This species nests in North America, but during the winter it can occur in flocks of a million or more birds in Venezuela!

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