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    This month's featured tour company is Rockjumper,  offering  tours to 60 international destinations.

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Joel's Blog

Joel's Blog

Meet Grasshopper and His Family: A Day at Horicon


Joel's Blog

George's Blog

 Enjoying baby birds.

Pick Six

The July Pick 6:  Our Favorite Six Birds with Especially Long Tails


The July Top 10: Ornithologists honored by having a bird named after them.

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Question of the week:

Why don't birds fall out of the tree when they sleep?

Birds have a unique arrangement of tendons that automatically tighten when the bird is asleep. As the bird settles into a resting position, the large flexor tendons in the toes are stretched in such a way that the toes are automatically pulled inward, increasing the strength of the grip. This allows the bird to grab a few restful winks without the fear of falling out of the tree.

To see this in action, stop by your butcher shop and see if you can obtain a recently removed chicken leg with the foot still attached. A little gross, maybe, but you should be able to examine the heel area for a couple of threadlike tendons.

Pull on the tendons and you will see the toes curl inward. This is the same action exhibited by a perching bird. As the bird moves into a resting state, often with its head resting on his back, the tendons in its legs and feet tighten, insuring the tight grip required to remain upright and in the tree, even while asleep.

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Hopper feeders are a great choice for someone just starting to feed birds or take a more casual approach.  They are are easy to fill, can be used with a variety of seed types, including black oil sunflower, and can be used by many different bird species.



Quiz of the Week

bird dvdEach week we'll have a new quiz.  Usually on Sunday or Monday evening.   The first correct response we receive will win the prize of the week.   We'll post the winner's name as soon as we can, after receiving a correct answer.

Question of the week:  Which bird has been honored by the most states as its state bird, and name the states.

Send us your answer to win this So Many Feathers DVD, a $24.95 value. It's a year's worth of briding in one DVD!

Winners limited to once every 3 months.