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Question of the week:

Why do some birds stand on one leg?

The Professor loves this question, because no one knows for sure...and there are probably several reasons. Here are some of the common explanations.

Conserves body heat.

Bare legs are exposed to moisture and wind. By tucking one leg up-and-under, the bird may conserve body heat. 

Relief from a caustic environment.

The Lesser Flamingo of central and eastern Africa feeds in shallow lakes filled with very caustic water (pH of about 10.5). Keeping one leg out of the water for awhile may help prevent burning of the exposed skin.

Maybe it is just a comfortable way to stand.


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Quiz of the Week

bird dvdEach week we'll have a new quiz.  Usually on Sunday or Monday evening.   The first correct response we receive will win the prize of the week.   We'll post the winner's name as soon as we can, after receiving a correct answer.

Question of the week:  Which bird has been honored by the most states as its state bird, and name the states.

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